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Teardrop Trailer

The Fuel Efficient Alternative



This a great  little trailer for two people that I built in 2007. A trailer for staying the night when traveling far, rather than a difficult to range, fuel wasting cottage on wheels (= a standard trailer), that  can be towed by a car with a certain effort.

Since I have not been able to invent a better name for this trailer, I call it Sigge GT, or just the GT. (it's small, low and fast)

It has risen many thumbs up and interested looks on roads and camp sites in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, France and Italy.

Sigge GT is somewhat larger than the original American Teardrop, and the model is sometimes called a Maxi Teardrop. It is still far smaller, however, than traditional caravans of modern design. The great difference compared to traditional Teardrops is that Sigge GT has an indoor galley where one can cook and eat. This is a sacrifice to the unreliable climate that we have to live with in northern Europe. An other advantage with the bigger size is that the storing capacity is greatly improved; one does not need to keep one's daily belongings in suitcases in the car. There is plenty of room in integrated lockers and drawers.

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The Northwest Passage 2013

In the wake of Roald Amundsen

Gja i Nordvestpassasjen. Oljemlning av Lauritz Haaland, http://www.digitaltmuseum.no

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Roald Engelbregt Gravning Amundsen
1872 - 1928






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